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      Failure of Shirley's Plan ? Causes ? Loudon and Shirley ? Close of the Campaign ? The Western Border ? Armstrong destroys Kittanning ? The Scouts of Lake George ? War Parties from Ticonderoga ? Robert Rogers ? The Rangers ? Their Hardihood and Daring ? Disputes as to Quarters of Troops ? Expedition of Rogers ? A Desperate Bush-fight ? Enterprise of Vaudreuil ? Rigaud attacks Fort William Henry.MURDER OF RIBOURDE.

      At the appointed time the Council again met, and the deputies were brought in. They persisted stubbornly in the same refusal. "They were then informed," says the record, "that the Council could no longer look on them as subjects to His Britannic Majesty, but as subjects to the King of France, and as such they must hereafter be treated; and they were ordered to withdraw." A discussion followed in the Council. It was determined that the Acadians should be ordered to send new deputies to Halifax, who should answer for them, once for all, whether they would accept the oath or not; that such as refused it should not thereafter be permitted to take it; and "that effectual measures ought to be taken to remove all such recusants out of the province."Walley, who with his main body had stood in arms all day, now called in the skirmishers, and fell back to the landing-place, where, as soon as it grew dark, the boats arrived from the fleet. The sick men, of whom there were many, were sent on board, and then, amid floods of rain, the whole force embarked in noisy confusion, leaving behind them in the mud five of their cannon. Hasty as was their parting, their conduct on the whole had been creditable; and La Hontan, who was in Quebec at the time, says of them, "They fought vigorously, though as ill-disciplined as men gathered together at random could be; for they did not lack courage, and, if they failed, it was by reason 278 of their entire ignorance of discipline, and because they were exhausted by the fatigues of the voyage." Of Phips he speaks with contempt, and says that he could not have served the French better if they had bribed him to stand all the while with his arms folded. Some allowance should, nevertheless, be made him for the unmanageable character of the force under his command, the constitution of which was fatal to military subordination.

      The force above the town did not lie idle. On the night of the twentieth, Colonel Carleton, with six hundred men, rowed eighteen miles up the river, and landed at Pointe-aux-Trembles, on the north shore. Here some of the families of Quebec 225V1 titanic life. His daughter Elizabeth had succeeded to his throne,heiress of his sensuality, if not of his talents.

      [19] La Hontan attempted to impose on his readers a marvellous story of pretended discoveries beyond the Mississippi; and his ill repute in the matter of veracity is due chiefly to this fabrication. On the other hand, his account of what he saw in the colony is commonly in accord with the best contemporary evidence.[11] The returns show 1,313 regulars in 1691, and 1,120 in 1692.

      [627] See the letter in Knox, I. 148.[447] Report of Armstrong to Governor Denny, 14 Sept. 1756, in Colonial Records of Pa., VII. 257,a modest yet very minute account. A List of the Names of the Persons killed, wounded, and missing in the late Expedition against the Kittanning. Hazard, Pennsylvania Register, I. 366.

      Whether Terron pursued the inquiry does not appear. Meanwhile new quarrels had arisen at Quebec, and the questions of the past were obscured in the dust of fresh commotions. Nothing is more noticeable in the whole history of Canada, after it came under the direct control of the Crown, than the helpless manner in which this absolute government was forced to overlook and ignore the disobedience and rascality of its functionaries in this distant transatlantic dependency.

      HENNEPIN AMONG THE SIOUX.[152] Instruction pour Monsieur de la Ronde, Capitaine d'Infanterie des Dtachements de la Marine, 1711. "Le dit sieur de la Ronde pourroit entrer en ngociation et se promettre de faire cesser toutes sortes d'hostilits du c?t du Canada, suppos que les Bastonnais promissent d'en faire de mme de leur c?t, et qu'ils ne donassent aucun secours l'avenir, d'hommes ni de vaisseaux, aux puissances de la vieille Angleterre et d'Ecosse."


      CHAPTER IV.The invalid General was deeply touched by this reverse, yet expressed himself with a moderation that does him honor. He wrote to Bouquet from Raystown: "Your letter of the seventeenth I read 155


      immense sums every year.His expulsion was a Sulpitian defeat. Laval, always zealous for unity and centralization, had some time before taken steps to repress what he regarded as a tendency to independence at Montreal. In the preceding year he had written to the Pope: There are some secular priests (Sulpitians) at Montreal, whom the Abb de Queylus brought out with him in 1657, and I have named for the


      Piquet was elated by his success; and early in 1752 he wrote to the Governor and Intendant: "It is a great miracle that, in spite of envy, contradiction, and opposition from nearly all the Indian villages, I have formed in less than three years one of the most flourishing missions in Canada. I find myself in a position to extend the empire of my good masters, Jesus Christ and the King, even to the extremities of this new world; and, with some little help from you, to do more than France and England have been able to do with millions of money and all their troops." [33] * Commission actroye au Sieur Gaudais. Mmoire pour servir